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Kommunikation - Communication Y6

  • Learn the vocabulary for this unit. Download the vocabulary.
  • How do you learn German? - Wie lernst du Deutsch?
  1. Sort objects and people you need to learn German with this dustbin game. Klick HIER
  2. Name the correct position of the pictures in your German book, pages 74/75. Choose the correct answer and win. Klick HIER

  • On the phone - Am Telefon
  1. Revise the numbers up to 100. Play Bingo online, hier .
  2. Numbers up to 100. Play memory game to revise numbers. Klick HIER
  3. Numbers up to 100. Do you like skiing? Have fun racing through the gates. Klick HIER
  4. Numbers up to 100. How many numbers can you find in 3 minutes? Find out, klick HIER

  • Pen Pals - Brieffreunde Projekt Deutsch Seite 80
    1. Write your own answer, use this easy Wordle or the more difficult Wordle.
    2. Now check what you have written. Here is the letter from Gavin to his new pen pal. Put the correct words in the empty spaces. Klick HIER
    3. Read and choose - read the letters and choose the correct answers.