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08 Fernsehen - All about TV Y6

In this unit you learn how to say
  • TV programmes,
  • what you like to watch
  • give your opinions about programmes you like or do not like
  • how often and when you watch TV
  • digital time
  • the start and end of a programme

In the table of contents click on the topics or activities you want to work on:

How to say different TV programmes

Was für eine Sendung ist das? - Was ist deine Lieblingssendung?
    1. Quia Match- connect the German words with the English words
    2. Quia - Fernsehen: Learn all the words for programmes and channels
    3. Quia - Was für eine Sendung ist das?
    4. Play the Spellmaster Games about TV programmes. Klick HIER

How to say what you like to watch and do not like to watch

Was siehst du gern? Was siehst du nicht gern?

  • Quizlet 2- Was für eine Sendung ist das? Was siehst du gern? Wie findest du die Sendung? With these games you can answer these questions.
    1. Quia - Was siehst du gern? Practise sentences about TV. What do you like to watch? Read the sentences carefully.
    2. Mobile Drag
    3. Phrase Mosaic
    4. Pinguin Crossing - Help the penguin saying what he likes to watch.
    5. Treasure Chests - Find your fortune when you choose the correct answer about what someone likes to watch.

How to give your opinion about TV programmes

Wie findest du die Sendung?

  • Quizlet 3 - learn useful adjectives to talk about a programme
  • Quizlet 4 - Say your opinion about a programme in sentences
    1. Mobile Drag 
    2. Phrase Cloud 1
    3. Phrase Cloud  2
    4. Phrase Mosaic
    5. Wheel of Fortune - Play alone or compete with a partner and make sentences

Learn to say when and how often you watch TV

Wie oft siehst du fern? Wann siehst du fern?

    1. Quizlet - when do you watch or someone else is watching TV, try a different set of vocabulary to practice what you have learned
    2. Spellmaster - different activities to practice when and how often
    3. Quia - How often do you watch TV? When do you watch?
    4. Match Up - learn sentences about when and how often you watch TV
    5. Multi Choice
    6. Word Points
    7. Mobile Drag - Sentences about when and how often you watch, sort the words into sentences.
    8. Phrase Cloud - Put the words into sentences
    9. Wheel of Fortune - Now play alone or compete with a partner
    10. Spellmaster - Match sentences in German and English. Read them carefully!
  • Quizlet 6 - Here you can practice a variety of sentences about watching TV
    1. Quia - Do you know the question to an answer? Practice.
    2. Practise to talk about TV. Choose the correct answer. Klick HIER

Learn digital time to talk about time and TV

Wann beginnt die Sendung? - Wie lange dauert die Sendung? Wie spät ist es?

  • Quizlet 7 Wann beginnt die Sendung? : this is the core vocabulary to say when and how often you watch TV
  • Quizlet 8 - Match the digital time to the words, choose from different games
  • Practise the 24-hour-clock. Listen and type the correct time hier

Wer ist dein Lieblingsstar? - Wie ist er/sie?

  • Practise the vocabulary you need, when you want to talk about your favourite star. Klick HIER

Learn the complete vocabulary list for this unit. Download the vocabulary and klick the loudspeaker to listen to the pronunciation.