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08 Fernsehen - All about TV Y6

  • Learn the complete vocabulary list for this unit. Download the vocabulary and klick the loudspeaker to listen to the pronunciation.

Was für eine Sendung ist das? - Was ist deine Lieblingssendung?
    1. Quia Match- connect the German words with the English words
    2. Quia - Fernsehen: Learn all the words for programmes and channels
    3. Quia - Was für eine Sendung ist das?
    4. Quia - Was siehst du gern? Practise sentences about TV. What do you like to watch? Read the sentences carefully.
    5. Pinguin Crossing - Help the penguin saying what he likes to watch.
    6. Treasure Chests - Find your fortune when you choose the correct answer.
    7. Play the Spellmaster Games about TV programmes. Klick HIER
Wie findest du die Sendung?
    1. Quizlet 2- Was für eine Sendung ist das? Was siehst du gern? Wie findest du die Sendung? With these games you can answer these questions.
    2. Phrase Cloud 1 - Put the words into sentences
    3. Mobile Drag - More sentences about opinions
    4. Phrase Cloud 2 - Put these words into sentences
    5. Wheel of Fortune - Play alone or compete with a partner and make sentences

Wie oft siehst du fern? Wann siehst du fern?

    1. Quizlet - when do you watch or someone else is watching TV, try a different set of vocabulary to pracitice what you have learned
    2. Quia - How often do you watch TV? When do you watch?
    3. Match Up - learn sentences about when and how often you watch TV
    4. Multi Choice
    5. Word Points
    6. Mobile Drag - Sentences about when and how often you watch, sort the words into sentences.
    7. Phrase Cloud - Put the words into sentences
    8. Wheel of Fortune - Now play alone or compete with a partner
    9. Spellmaster - Match sentences in German and English. Read them carefully!
    10. Quizlet 4 - Here you can practice a variety of sentences about watching TV.

    11. Quia - Do you know the question to an answer? Practice.
    12. Practise to talk about TV. Choose the correct answer. Klick HIER
    13. Practise the 24-hour-clock. Listen and type the correct time hier

Wann beginnt die Sendung? - Wie lange dauert die Sendung? Wie spät ist es?

    1. Quizlet 6 - Match the digital time to the words, choose from different games
Wer ist dein Lieblingsstar? - Wie ist er/sie?
  • Practise the vocabulary you need, when you want to talk about your favourite star. Klick HIER