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07 Hobbies: 2. Musik - Music and collections

Was ist dein Lieblingsinstrument? - Was spielst du gern?

    1. Can you match the pictures of instruments to the words? Klick HIER
    2. Quizlet Scatter - Match what everyone is playing. Pay attention to verb endings and personal pronouns.
    3. Listen and write - on which day do you do which hobby?
Was sammelst du?
    1. Match the pictures to the words. Klick HIER
    2. Play memory with these items. Klick HIER
Was ist dein Lieblingshobby? - Was machst du gern?

Quizlet - Learn the different ways of saying what you like or do not like and for how long you have done your hobby
  • Quizlet - many ways of learning the vocabulary about all hobbies
  • Quizlet Verbs - many ways of learning how to use the correct verbs with hobbies
  • Challenge Board (easy) - Play alone or with a friend. Be careful when you type the answers. Your spelling must be accurate to earn the points.
  • Challenge Board - Play alone or with a friend. You have to be very careful when you write the sentences.
  • Wordle 1 - Use the words to make sentences.
  • Wordle 2 - Can you make as sentences? Use all the words.
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