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05 Essen - Food

Here are your vocabulary lists for this unit:
  1. Core Vocabulary - this is the vocabulary list you need to know, learn it and play the games
  2. Extension Vocabulary - these are words which would be good to know, learn them and play the games
To talk about food, you will need to ask questions and answer some. The following lists and games will help you with this:
  1. Core Questions and Answers - these questions and answers you need to know for this unit
  2. Extension Questions and Answers - these are additional questions and answers help you to discuss food
  1. LO Memory - Match picture to words.
  2. Quia - Practise Breakfast items
  3. Quia - More Breakfast items to practise
  4. Quia - Match food and drinks to English names.
  5. Quia - Play picture matching games with food and drink
  6. Quia - What do you like? Play match games.
  7. Challenge - Match the food and words
  8. Quia - Do you like vegetables? Practice to say that you like them or do not like them.

 Practice Sentence structures with these games:

Recognize correct and wrong sentences with these games:

  1. Guess the words - how well do you know food vocabualary?
  2. Wordsearch - find the words in the grid.
  3. Dustbin - der, die, das oder die (plural)? Can you beat the clock?
  4. LO - how well do you know food? Write it.
  5. Shopping List - Can you write the missing items?
  6. Listen and match - Can you write the food items?
  7. Scatter - Can you make the pictures and words disappear?
  1. Lo - Recipe, can you tell the chef what to do
 Was möchstest du trinken? - What would you like to drink?
Additional challenges: 
  1. Reading comprehension - read the text carefully and match the items the girl has eaten. It is not easy.
  2. Quia - Fruit and Vegetables - Match the pictures and the words.
Im Restaurant
  1. Eduweb - Practise a dialog ordering food politely

  1. Video - Wie macht man Schokoladen-Hasen? Find out how Easter bunnies are made.
  2. Video - Die Schulkantine
  3. Quia - How to order food in a restaurant. Practice some useful vocabulary here.

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