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05 Essen - Food

In this unit you learn how to talk about food
  • different mealtimes
  • how to ask for food
  • how to order and buy food
In the table of contents click on the parts you want to work on.

Activities and games to practice the vocabulary

  1. DigitalTech - watch a short video and/or play the games
  2. LO Memory - Match picture to words.
  3. Quia - Practise Breakfast items
  4. Quia - More Breakfast items to practise
  5. Quia - Match food and drinks to English names.
  6. Quia - Play picture matching games with food and drink
  7. Quia - Fruit and Vegetables - Match the pictures and the words.
  8. Dustbin - der, die, das oder die (plural)? Can you beat the clock?
  9. Shopping List - Can you write the missing items?
  10. Listen and match - Can you write the food items?
  11. Scatter - Can you make the pictures and words disappear
  12. Guess the words - how well do you know food vocabulary?

Useful questions and sentences to talk about food

Watch how to ask for food for different meal times:

Activities and games to practice the vocabulary
  • Quia - Do you like vegetables? Practice to say that you like them or do not like them.
  • Quia - What do you like? Play match games.
  • Lo - Recipe, can you tell the chef what to d

Was möchstest du trinken? - What would you like to drink?

Useful questions and sentences for how to buy food

Here is a more challenging short video about buying vegetables, how much do you understand?


    Im Restaurant

    • Quia - How to order food in a restaurant. Practice some useful vocabulary here.

    Gabriele Odermatt,
    Jun 6, 2012, 11:08 PM