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02 Schule: 1. Schule - around School

Quizlet 1 - here is the core vocabulary for this unit, practice. You find the core vocabulary also in the video below.
Quizlet 2 - here is the extension vocabulary

You can also learn the vocabulary for this unit. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to Attachments, download the PowerPoint Presentation and save it.

Watch the core vocabulary list here:

YouTube Video

 - School items

  1. Match the picture - Look at the picture and choose the correct word to match.
  2. Naugths and Crosses - Play against your computer. Match the words with the pictures.
  3. Quia - Do you have all the items you need for your lessons? Match the pictures with the sentences.
  4. Quia - Now ask your teacher about the things you need. Match.
  5. Quia - Do you have everything you need in school? Answer the questions.
  6. Listen and match - A friend wants to borrow from you. Listen to the conversation. Match the correct item and the correct possessive pronoun.
  7. Quia - Review the items you need for school with these flash cards. Listen carefully.
  8. Eduweb - Learn everything you should to know about the things you need for school.
  9. Battleship - When you hit a target, answer the question. Look for the correct spelling.
  10. Scramble - Test yourself, can you write the stationary items correctly?
  11. Dustbin - Sort the school supplies according to their gender 'der', 'die', 'das' or 'die (Plural)'.
  12. Advanced Dustbin - Sort according to gender. Use the right, left and up arrow keys on your computer to guide the word to its place.
  13. Quizlet Scatter - Making everything disappear. Drag the German words onto the pictures or the English words. Do you notice the vocabulary mistakes?
  14. Quizlet Test - test yourself how much you have already learned. Some questions are not so easy.
  15. Wordle - Was ist in deiner Schultasche. Build sentences.
Now practice how to buy stationary iterms:

YouTube Video

Im Klassenzimmer
- In the classroom

  1. Quia - Sort the items according their gender. Watch out for plural forms.
  2. Quia - Test your knowledge about classroom items and things which are in your pencil case.
  3. Multiple Choice - match the genders to the words.
  4. Scatter - Match the pictures and words. They will disappear when you are correct.

Schüler und Lehrer -
Teachers and students
  1. Quiz - Become rich with your knowledge about the school vocabulary, but choose your answers wisely.
  2. Fill in the gaps - What do you think about school? Read the text and choose the correct answers.

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