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4.12 Animals and Pets

Hast du ein Haustier? - Was ist dein Lieblingstier?

Quizlet 1 - Core Vocabulary for this unit


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  1. Listen, look and read. Learn to say and read the German names of animals with this game.
  2. Match the pictures of these pets to the German words. Klick HIER
  3. More pictures to match. Klick HIER and HIER
  4. Play Spellmaster games with pets. Klick HIER
  5. Play Spellmaster games with animals. Klick HIER
  6. Watch the video-clips. Which animals did you see? Klick HIER and HIER
  7. Match the pictures with the correct German words with this Quia game.
  8. Quizlet 1 - Many ways of practising basic animals 
  9. Match the words of pets with this Quia game.
  10. Listen to the conversation. Choose the correct pet hier.
  11. What colour is your pet. Listen to the conversation and choose the right colour hier.
  12. What pet do I have. Listen carefully. If you do not know the answer leave the card in the pack and repeat until you are sure. Klick hier.
  13. How well do you know your pets in German. This game helps you when to use 'ein' and 'kein' in German. Play this battleship game.
  14. Do you like these animals. Match the German sentences with the English sentences with this Quia game.
  15. Can you describe your animals? What colour are they? Are they big, small, old or young. Try these Quia games.
  16. Animal sounds - How do animals talk in German? Was sagen die Tiere? Listen and learn.
  17. Quia Quiz - Die vier Freunde. How well do you know the story?
 How well do you know the genders of the animals?
Onkel Tom hat einen Bauernhof
  1. Quizlet - Learn the vocabulary with different games
  2. Match up - match the sentence parts, ----> scroll down and open the file
  3. Memory - match up the sentence parts -----> scroll down and open the file
Und hier a funny way to remember animal sounds in German:

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Gabriele Odermatt,
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