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4.06 Colours

Die Farben

On this page you learn how talk about colours. In the table of contents click on the topic or activities you want to work on:

Basic Colours

Basic Colours - Vocabulary

Watch the video, repeat the colour words as often as you like to

You can test yourself with the following quizlet games:

Quizlet 1 - Core vocabulary for basic colours

Basic Colours - Activities and Games

Click here for activities and games about the basic colours.

Watch this video, which colour disappears? Can you name the colour in German?

More Colours and sentences how to talk about colours

More Colours - Vocabulary

Watch the video.

  • How do we say 'dark' or 'light' colours?
  • Can you say additional colours?
  • Quizlet 2 - Here is the extension vocabulary list for this unit.
  • or Download the the extended vocabulary for this unit.
  • Learn additional names and different names of colours in German. Klick HIER.

More Colours - Activities and Games

  1. How well do you know the colours now. Play games. Klick HIER
  2. Spellmaster 2&ID=272
  3. You can become a millionaire, but you have to choose your answers wisely. Klick HIER
  4. LO - Can you write the colour words

How to talk about colours - Song

Welche Farbe ist das? / Meine Lieblingsfarbe

In the previous section you have learned the vocabulary for this song. Now you can test yourself how well you remember it.


Read a story about colours

Wo ist die Zehn und die Zwölf?  This is a story about numbers, colours and greetings.

The colourful animals of Franz Marc

Die wunderbaren Tiere von
Franz Marc

watch the film about the wonderful animals

and then

play the quiz with the colours you learned

Quia - The paintings by Franz Marc. Match the paintings with the descriptions.

Listen to songs about colours

The Rainbow Song 1 - Das Regenbogenlied 1

How many colours do you understand?

The Rainbow Song 2 - Das Regenbogenlied 2

How many colours do you understand?