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Welcome to the BPQ32/LinBPQ software documentation.

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The original Web Documentation can be found here.

BPQ32 Quick-start Guide

Ken KD6PGI has written a quick-start guide. Although aimed at the Windows version, most is also applicable to LinBPQ. It can be found here 
Quick Start Guide 

Installing LinBPQ

Instructions for installing LinBPQ can be found here
Installing LinBPQ

Incoming Terminal Sessions

BPQ32 can accept connections to a Terminal window so that a remote user can "chat" with the sysop. This uses application 32 and is enabled by adding a line like
to bpq32.cfg. A connect to this application opens a new window in the BPQ32 MDI frame. This doesn't work with LinBPQ, but a similar facility can be provided using the TNC2 Emulator and a terminal program such as minicom. Setup instructions are here