Outside Air Cooled PC

Using outside air (on cool days) to cool my PC 

Desperate to get rid of some PC noise and realizing I'm in a relatively cool climate (Utah mountains) I decided to duct that cool air into my PC.  It worked.  Even under heavy load the temps never exceeded 60 C.

Not very good-looking (yet), but functional...  I think it's got a nice "B-movie" sci-fi feel, but we'll see what my girlfriend says when she comes home.

 I'm using my fireplace as a PC stand and was fortunate to have an ash flue to route the duct through.  I positioned the duct to impinge directly on the video cards since they were the most troublesome. 

 The guts of my PC.  I bought all "passively cooled" componenets.  which were not.  I was exceeding 100 C. on a regular basis in an enclosed fanless case.  

These were the fans I had to add to keep the system cool.   Boy, that video card fan was a noisy beast. 

Here are the results.   These are at an idle.  You'll have to take my word for it that the temps are still decent under benchmarking tests.

Video Card(s) (SLI)

I bought a cheap-o in-line duct fan fromHome Depot.  I'll put it on a relay hooked to the CPU fan controller when I find a suitable relay.

 When it gets too hot this summer, I plan to put a small evaporative cooler on the intake.   Because it is so dry around here, they are very effective and cheap to operate.


 More later..?