Along the Line, published in 1996, and edited by Roger Garfitt, who was the early leader of the group.

The work of research and poetry workshops had begun two years earlier, started by Richard Beaumond.

Leaves at the World's Edge 1997

The Path from the year's Height 1999

Lodestones 2001

(Lydbury North Arboretum), a collection based on calendar festivals, and responses to twelve foreign poets.

A Brush with Words, an anthology of paired paintings and poems, was a 2005 collaboration with RASA.

The Lordshill Poems (CD) 2006

Along the Teme, a collection of poems and photographs compiled during a series of visits to various places along the river, published in 2007.

Sheep, Smoke, Stone, grew out of a focus in 2010 on myths, legends and local mythology. We visited local places of interest including Mitchell’s Fold, Leominster and Kilpeck Church near Hereford which sparked many poems featured here. The collection includes a wide range of writing from many distinctive voices concerned with Kilpeck and elsewhere.

The Nettle Trick was published in 2015. Comments from outside the group include:

R V Bailey

The Border Poets are serious experienced poets who have been writing together for twenty years or more.

Such groups are the steady backbone of poetry. It is they – not the major prizes, the big festivals and the creative writing degrees – who really keep the flame of poetry alight, and it is in the rich soil of their steady commitment that we look for our future great poets.

It is with particular pleasure that I commend their most recent anthology, with its adventurous writing and its individual, carefully crafted poems. These are poems that wear the right clothes: poems that have something worth saying, and say it with the economy and grace and freshness of the genuinely creative.

Wolf Hoard was published in 2017