Tina Cole

Tina Cole is a retired education consultant who lives in rural Herefordshire. She delights in poetry that speaks about relationships and how people manage their inner worlds. Her collection – I Almost Knew You – published in 2015 deliberately brings those relationships into view. Other poems have been published in Mslexia, Aesthetica & Decanto, one in The Guardian newspaper and the recent Fairacre Press ‘Endangered Species’ collection.

She is the organiser of the Children’s Poetry Competition; poetryintenbury.org.

Finding a Familiar Face

A blackness of water

defines this city its structure

maps the grids we walk,

canals once pulled from the suck

of the bog have a determination

in their oily darkness. Rain washed

houses, masked by the slick

of winter reflect a pomegranate sky,

Inside the Mauritshuis gallery

silk lined rooms are like jewels

of light where polished paths

lead to tiny windows opening

onto oil glazed landscapes

and here her face, light flooded,

with shifting shoulder glance

and eyes bright with the secret

her mouth is about to tell

is poised at the point of movement.