Thirza Clout

Thirza Clout grew up in Kent and Wales and now lives on the English/Welsh border in Shropshire. For five years she was Chair of the Board of Wenlock Poetry Festival after careers in journalism, as a stand-up comedian and as a director for a conservation charity. Her first publication was in Breakthru International Poetry magazine while she was still at school. In 2016 her first chap book, The Bone Seeker, was published by Mark Time Books UK and she won the Poetry Prize at the Doolin Literary Festival in County Clare.


Twitter: @thirzacloutpoet


Things you would not want discovered after you die was first published in Banshee magazine, autumn/winter 2016.

Things you would not want discovered after you die

includes the chaos of your sock drawer

thick woollen walkers jostling tights

both sheer and laddered, pop socks

you do not want to die wearing pop socks

every time you tug the drawer open

one hand shoving stuff flatter

odd socks tired of waiting years

for perfect matches

discard themselves onto the floor

you blow the dust off them before

you restore them to disorder;

includes the faux leather basque

and anything else from Anne Summers

even if the batteries are flat;

includes the little box you kept

with a dozen perfectly ironed handkerchiefs

with your mother’s initial;

includes the knowledge that this is the only thing

you kept from her pin-neat drawers

-blouses folded, tea towels ironed, socks paired-

the only thing you didn’t stuff

into the black plastic bin bags.