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Tanya Prudente

 Tanya Prudente has travelled widely and enjoyed long periods living and working in different countries and cultures. Being a biologist, the natural world is one of her main interests although she finds its diverse human inhabitants equally fascinating.

 She has a pamphlet ‘Haunted by Cherubs’ published byCinnamon Press, poems published in the Templar anthology Skein and over 80 poems published in the last seven years in various poetry journals including Envoi, Orbis, The Journal, Reach,Sarasvati and Equinox. 




are we all astray in this world of ours

befuddled by a sea of choices


drowned in the rivers of data

streaming into our lives


our way lost in this wood

we no longer see for the trees



so little lambs

             what do we do

                              to find our way home