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Tanya Prudente

Tanya Prudente is a biologist, has travelled widely and has lived in many countries but still considers the border country of her native Shropshire the most beautiful of landscapes. Much of her inspiration comes from travelling and, of course, the natural world. She has had over seventy poems published in various poetry journals in the past five years including Envoi, Equinox, The Journal, Orbis and the Templar Anthology Skein. She has also had a pamphlet (Haunted by Cherubs) published by Cinnamon Press in Spring 2016.


The Roman under Uricon


We walk

on shadow lines

Celtic – Anglo-Saxon


and earlier still

the forest trails

long forgotten

layer upon layer

in the old town

that sits on Severn

and on seven hills


The shape of the land

forces our feet

and we follow

the same path