Richard Beaumond

Richard Beaumond was a founder member of the Border Poets and organiser of projects leading to publications including : Along The Line (1996); Leaves at the World's Edge (1997); The Path from the Year's Height (1999); Lodestones (2001); The Lordshill Poems CD (2007); Gone to Earth Remembered and Revisited CD (2007) and contributor to other Border Poets' publications.

Border Window. No.1

In this day and age-

this day and age.

Not remote


out of the way.

Grown into it

and taken on

when the parents died.

Postcard picturesque

but no mobile signal.

Too far for a land line

or electricity.

Mortgaged to pay off

the brother.

Round the stock at dawn

a day on the tractor

a couple of hours feeding

then dusk

a cigarette in the yard

watching the lights

in the valleys.

Another day done.

"I come down of a Friday

to shop and post;

perhaps a pint at dinnertime

or it's another week gone

without I've spoke to anyone."


scratch a living

on their own Black Hills

absorbed in their own affairs.

Richard Beaumond