Jean Atkin

Jean Atkin has published ‘Not Lost Since Last Time’ (Oversteps Books) and also five poetry pamphlets and a children’s novel, ‘The Crow House’. Her recent work appears in magazines including Magma, Agenda, Under The Radar, Ambit and Poetry Salzburg. Her poem ‘What’s Human’ was included in 2014’s Best Scottish Poems, an online selection of the year’s 20 best poems by Scottish poets, and in 2015 she had a poem commissioned for Radio 4’s programme ‘Something Understood’.

She works as a poet in education and community projects, and has been poet in residence for Wenlock Poetry Festival, a science festival, a working farm museum, a library and a botanic garden, among others. She provides ‘poetry-theatre’ as The Spellwright. She is currently poet in residence for Hargate Primary School. Every two months Jean organises Ludlow’s popular poetry night, The Poetry Lounge. @wordsparks

The Snow Years was published in Under The Radar in January 2018.

The Snow Years

It snowed for thirty years and no-one thought to ask why.

They were so used to it, they became like seals and laid down fat

or like bears and grew a pelt on forearms and faces.

Their fashions involved the intricate plaiting of long hair

to insulate their necks and ears.

The regular creak of snow was a man walking.

The flump of snow falling from porches

was a woman humming inside a drift.

In their stories, trees leafed.

And their hearts melted a little after lunch

and froze again every night.