Christopher Allan

Christopher sadly passed away in December 2017.

Published in many magazines and anthologies since 1994 including: The Rialto, Other Poetry, Fire, Smith's Knoll and South.Prize winner at Ledbury festival and the Bedford open competition.Interested in American poetry and the Irish and Welsh scene.Also interested in the imagist movement 1910 -- 1930.

Favourite poets would be a very long list indeed,but a few examples would include: Ted Kooser, Mark Roper,Gillian Clarke, Esther Morgan and Lisa Dart.

Paper Apples

Through blinds, a seep of milky light

painted the dawn in thin stripes

across the folds of a sleeping man.

An artistic effect achieved

each morning, even as the growl

of the first truck unlocked the day.

And that row of paper apples -

whose bough was a thread

a finger-pull could floor -

would slowly green-up again

to selves no crayon-red could ripen.

In that cold bed, how he longed

for sleep to shoulder him back

to a dream of sweet apples

and the candour of love.

And so pale to him then

those fifteen apples were -

and no birdsong to merry the air

or leaves whispering like rain...

And frail and twisted too, that last morning,

each one, heart-shaped and bereft.

Once, on a moon-laden night,

he mistook them for pearls

in their dusky, silver jackets.

As he blinked awake, they shone

an unfamiliar constellation

stretched above his two- bar fire.

Then daylight's tide undid the lie -

no ripeness rested there, nor treasure held,

neither would love assuage despair.