Chris Kinsey

Chris Kinsey has had four collections of poetry published: Kung Fu Lullabies and Cure For a Crooked Smile with Ragged Raven Press, Swarf with Smokestack Books and Muddy Fox with Rack Press. Fair Acre Press have commissioned a new collection for 2019. She was BBC Wildlife Poet-of-the-Year and Writer-in-residence at Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown.


“The future has an ancient heart.” Carlo Levi

He’s not from round here – the musician

talking with his violin. He conjures more than he knows

putting sounds to flight, soaring over peaks

ravines, forests and steppes. He plays the dance

of the Northern Lights beyond a shtetl,

rouses howling winds, whining dogs, sobbing gulls.

Strings mimic ice floes, lapping water - flights

of migrating swans seeking winter refuge. His violin knows

the weightlessness of fugitives crossing borders.

Fingered notes call and respond, lost – found, lost – found.

They draw men from the dark corners of a bar

exile others from a betting shop’s bright screens

out to the street where afternoon’s already turned night.

Under town lights his violin’s the colour of a good harvest.

Ripe notes scatter. The musician with the faraway look

cocks his head expecting birds to come pecking

out of spring forests. He waits for one to land by his ear

and start singing duets to his trills.

Chris Kinsey

Published in Muddy Fox, Rack Press, 2017. This poem was also highly commended by Daljit Nagra in Wenlock Poetry Festival Competition.