The Kilpeck Recipe

Conquest for beginners, lesson 1.

Show them who’s boss.

First, win. Deface their idols,

knock their buildings down.

Compare/contrast technique:

Crusaders, Cromwell’s Puritans.

Watch the short video that shows

the Buddhas of Bamiyan crumble

into dust. Taliban, plus dynamite.

See, inset, pastor based in Florida

who torches Qu’rans to demonstrate

the love of God. Headlines and hate.

The second stage (advanced).

First, look at what they’ve got, then

see how you can benefit from that.

Task: study how the Incas

win the battles, then absorb

the old faith into theirs.

It’s all together now, win-win.

Watch how the Moors in Spain

invite believers of all faiths

to pool the talent, share the wealth.

It gives a nice warm glow

and, better still, it lasts.

Pope Gregory, no fool,

settles for option two.

His Christians build on pagan sites.

Let worshippers go where they went

before – oops, here’s a church.

An indoor altar, with a magic ring

of corbels underneath its roof

that spans creation: men and beasts,

contortions, comedy and sex.

No po-faced uniformity

but bubbling, rich ingredients

in a soup that’s free for all.

Paul Francis