Border Poets


Border Poets is a collection of eighteen experienced writers from a wide geographical area, who meet on eight Sundays a year. A regular feature of our meetings is a readaround, in which each member read a poem (which has been previously circulated) which is then discussed by other members. These usually last for around two hours, and produce stimulating discussion as well as useful suggestions for the improvement of our work.



 This is a lively, successful and popular group, which has benefitted from the addition of new members, but is currently at the limits of manageable size. We regret that we are not currently accepting new members.   


Recent Meetings


Because we come from a wide area, we meet seldom, but for most of the day – from 10.30 – 4.00. We usually contribute to a shared lunch, and most meetings will feature a readaround. We also share reactions to collections and magazines we’ve read.

In 2017 we visited R.S.Thomas church at Eglwys Fach, and heard a talk about him from Jim Perrin. We also had a workshop on prose poetry, a reading from a local poet, and a discussion of the poetry of John Burnside.

Wolf Hoard

In 2017, we published our latest publication, Wolf Hoard.


Summary of 2017 Programme

1. The Hurst


Plan programme.

2. The Hurst


Discussion about  Mary Webb CD

Talk and reading


Modern poetics – workshop:

4. Lydbury North

Anthology; Philosophy and poetry –

5. Eglwys Fach

Guided walk of RS Thomas country

6. Pembridge

Sidney Nolan gallery; readaround at Pembridge.

7. Lydbury North

Discussion of John Burnside’s poetry

8. The Hurst

Symposium on poetry books we’ve enjoyed this year

Chris Allan


Just before our first meeting of January 2018, we got the shattering news that Chris Allan had died from a brain tumour. 

He was part of the group that produced the first Border Poets publication (Along the Line, in 1996), although there was a spell when illness prevented him from attending regularly. 

In recent years, with improvements in his health he became a more regular and enthusiastic member of the group, contributing precise, beautifully observed poems, and highly valuing our readaround sessions. One of the most recent e-mails I had from him keenly welcomed the chance for us to swap magazines and poetry collections at future meetings. 

In a talented group his work was widely respected, and he was always well represented in any group publications. He was widely published in a range of magazines, and we’re delighted that South will be highlighting him as their profiled poet in their October edition – a two page assessment, followed by a ten page selection from his work.