Types of Membership

First claim membership is the primary membership.

Second claim membership enables a first claim member to also join one or more other Masters Swimming clubs for reduced fees.

Membership Availability

First claim membership from 1 January to 31 December (12 months) for $115.00 will be available from 1 December of the prev year.

For any second claim or other types - please send an email to for instructions.

Joining Membership

Joining first claim membership (registration) is done on-line with a MasterCard or a VISA card to pay the fees. Click on this link to the Masters Swimmers online registration system and follow the step by step guide.

To join second claim membership send an email to for instructions.

If you do not have a MasterCard or a VISA card, simply send an email with your phone number to and we will make alternative arrangements.

Updating Your Details

Please update your personal details as part of your re-registration process and as they change. This is particularly important for changes of address and emergency contact details.


Just email or ask a member at a training session.

Have a Go! Introduce your self.

You’re welcome to swim with us for up to four weeks before deciding whether to join.