A State of the Art Library

Above, the original circulation desk from the Carnegie Library sits in the newly renovated Jefferson St. library.
Shown above is the finalized budget for the 1998 renovation.
As the Brownsburg community continued to grow and technologies continued to change throughout the late twentieth century, it became apparent that the library needed to change again. In 1998, a $6 million renovation project was undertaken on the Jefferson St. Library2. Since the opening of the Jefferson St. library, the library's collection had grown from 70,000 volumes to over 120,000 volumes5. These volumes also contained technology that was not around in 1981 when the library opened. CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs were all now included in the collection. In addition, when the library opened it had six computers, but by 1998 there were 38 computers for staff and patron use5. Space had become limited and the library was unable to keep up with the changing technology. When the renovation was completed in November of 1999, space in the library was doubled to 50,000 square feet2. As technology continues to change, so does the Brownsburg Publc Library. The library uses many of the latest technologies including, barcode scanning, self-checkout, an searchable online card catalog, and some books are available in eReader form.