User Guide


    • For searching the corpus, please use the search box on top of the page (see example query)
    • Keep in mind that the corpus is extremely large (over 183 million words). Queries may easily be too general and result in thousands of hits
    • Be as specific as possible, e.g., by restricting your search to a specific year (théâtre 1871)
    • Simple search supports basic search operators. For phrase search, put your query between double quotation marks ("bien commun")
    • If you need search results from a specific period of time, or in chronological order, please use advanced search


    • Each page on shows one page from the proceedings of the plenary sessions
    • The text is shown both as plain text (left column) and as PDF facsimile (right column)
    • Use the controls to read previous / next pages of the same session, or to zoom in on the facsimile
    • Links to the full session facsimile or plain text are also provided


    • The 1870-1940 corpus totals over 183 million words. As a result, the current quality of the texts is far from perfect. OCR technology today is very good but still error-prone, especially when dealing with print from the nineteenth or early twentieth century
    • We therefore ask all historians and researchers who use this resource to contribute by signaling errors and helping to improve the text quality
    • Please submit corrections by using the form in the left column
    • When entering corrections of common words (e.g., a double occurrence like "fois fois" that should be replaced by a single "fois") please provide a context of two or three words