Troubleshooting the facsimile viewer

Some users are reporting difficulties while consulting the facsimile files on the website.

This is due to the construction of the website, which uses "mixed frames", a practice which is discouraged by recent browsers due to security vulnerabilities on websites for sensitive (e.g., financial) transactions.

Since such restrictions do not apply to the materials in, users have two options:
  1. Download the Safari browser, which does not block pages with mixed frames.
  2. Disable the security settings of your browser for pages. Both Firefox and Chrome indicate that content has been blocked by displaying a small shield icon (see screenshots on the right) in the address bar. When clicking this shield icon, you can disable content blocking and force the browser to load the blocked contents.
The future version of, which is under development, will address this problem and will no longer include mixed frames.

Chrome screenshot

Firefox screenshot