Shawnee TV Club

Shawnee TV's club (also known as the media tech club) meets every Tuesday immediately after school in A111. 

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The club runs meetings optimized for productivity, using parliamentary procedure:

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  1. Meeting Sign In
  2. Role Call
  3. Reading of the minutes: Meeting Notes
  4. Reports of the officers- 
  5. Reports of the committees: Committee Progress
  6. Unfinished business
  7. New business
  8. Producer of the week
  9. Adjournment
The main objectives are as follows:
  • Field Trips to production facilitates (NBC10 Today Show Philadelphia, NBC New York...) Members must attend more than half the meetings and the 2 meetings prior to trips.
  • Fundraising for trips and scholarships.
  • Renegade Morning Show segment discussion and production.
  • Learning about cameras, mics, graphics and editing. (Most students take TV Technology classes, but all students are welcome!)
Shawnee TV Club communicates outside of club/class time using the following:
Shawnee TV Club and TV Technology classes also have professional experience opportunities with productions produced for LDTV's cable station (Verizon channel 21 and Comcast channel 19).  Shawnee TV and the LDTV team, along with the LDTV mobile production truck produce 40-50 events for the local cable station every year!  Check out the 2015-2016 Shawnee TV Event Schedule for details.

Ideas for RMS productions:

Pres: Sean Herb
VP: Matt Mathis/Talon Lauriello
Secretary: Stephen Minder
Treasurer: Sam Lynam