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TV Technology 2

Students refine and expand the skills acquired in TV Broadcasting Technology I and receive advanced instruction in electronic news gathering and other programming formats. Emphasis is placed on completing assignments that are aired on Lenape District TV. Organizational skills, writing skills, professionalism, and the ability to work cooperatively are practiced throughout the program. In addition to creating programming for Shawnee Extra, the TVB 2 students also produce segments for the Renegade Morning Show, and help film school events that run locally throughout Shawnee on Channel 4.

Keyframing: Brady Bunch
Students get a refresher on Final Cut and editing while learning more advanced keyframing techniques by re-creating the Brady Bunch opening sequence.

Directions-Brady Bunch Project

Motion Graphics
Building on the keyframing exercise, students explore graphic production.

Stop Motion Animation
Students create a stop motion animation video with the help of iStop Motion software and a camera.  Final Projects are exported for web and uploaded to the student youtube portfolio.

Shawnee Extra
Students learn the art of electronic news gathering by collecting research, writing scripts, planning interviews and capturing good audio and video images along with B-Roll footage. Finished editions of Shawnee Extra air on the Lenape District Television.

Midterm Review

Classwork 1-31-12

Students learn standard 3 point lighting of subjects and move on to more advanced situations with color balancing and low key noir style lighting.

Period 2 Low Key Ideas
Period 4-5 Low Key Ideas
Period 7-8 Low Key Ideas
Period 9-10 Low Key Ideas

Shawnee Extra Spring Edition

Blue Screen project of choice
Students finish the year by creating an interesting composite of video with blue/green screen keying. Last year students made iPod apps that turned them into a superhero.

FCP Filter Exploration