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TV Technology 1

Students are introduced to communication theories and tools. TV1 emphasizes both resources and experiences in video production. It covers pre-production planning, camera use, lighting, and sound recording techniques, as well as electronic editing and computerized character generation.

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Getting Started:

Goal Setting
Class Policies (signed by parents)
Create a Google Account with your LRHSD email address.
Self Control
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Shawnee Wake Up... TV 1 Studio Project
The first television studio project for the Media Television Technology I students is a mock news broadcast of our Shawnee Wake Up. During filming of this project, students learn how to operate various pieces of studio equipment and also how to perform the tasks of television studio personnel.

Live Production

Light and Color (A brief Physics lesson), The Eye, and it's relation to the Camera

Video Scavenger Hunt

Students practice camera setup and technique by framing and using camera movement.

Framing Classwork

Students plan how to shoot 2 people shaking hands and practice editing with different pacing.

Bench Story

Students plan and produce their first shooting project with the premise, "two people meet on a bench and something happens." This story is shot without sound and students create a soundtrack and sound design.

Communication Theory
Students define communication and draw and describe the components of 2 basic communication theory models. Students will take a quiz to assess understanding.

Advertising Techniques

Students define and discuss different techniques used in advertising and watch examples. There is a quiz for assessment.
Quiz Pd 3

Radio Commercials 

Students make a radio commercial for their first class project. They work in pairs to write and produce a thirty second commercial. A single product is selected for all TV 1 classes, but within each class, groups select a different target audience for their commercial. This year's product was Apple iPad.

Sound Production- Adobe Audition

Beatbox Project
How to set up a voice over session...
Special Project

What is Sound?

Students define and discuss the properties of audio and the technology to capture and reproduce it.

Educational Service Announcement

Students create an educational service announcement with a goal to convey, demonstrate or inform a mass teen audience about a particular topic.


Aliens Invade Shawnee High School
Students use all the skills learned throughout the year along with blue screen keying, composite editing and special effects to produce a short sci-fi film.

Project Objectives

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