Welcome to my homepage!

I'm Ben Isaacoff, an Applied Physics PhD student at the University of Michigan. 
I lead an academic double life, with two deeply intertwined, but traditionally very separate pursuits. On one hand I'm a scientist working towards my PhD and producing original research in the field of nanophotonics. One the other hand I'm a student of Science and Technology Public Policy.

As a scientist I work in Professor Julie Biteen's research group in the Chemistry Department (you should check out our lab website to see all of the incredible things that my labmates and I are working on). My research, combining both experiment and theory, is focused on the fundamental science of nanophotonics and its technological applications. 

As a policy student I am taking courses in UM's Ford School, pursuing a graduate certificate in Science and Technology Public Policy. Additionally, I've had many amazing opportunities to engage further with -- and even advocate for -- the science policy community

You can reach me by email at isaacoff@umich.edu or on Twitter at @bpisaacoff

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