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Evidenced-based pedagogy

Working group topics will be determined on Friday night. This is a space for working group 3 to share information that they compile during the working sessions on Saturday.

1) Existing research on Teaching and Learning (list references, websites, etc. If possible, annotate the list)

2) Classroom Strategies and Resources (e.g. Activities, problem sets, modules).

3) Gaps in (a) Research and (b) Resources (a long narrative or a bulleted list is fine)

4) Ideas for New Collaborations or Ways to Scale/Extend On-going Research


Catherine Ueckert-
Deb Donovan
Mary Pat Wenderoth-

This is the hierarchy of our web pages

A link to each bolded entry is found at bottom of this page
the links to the blue terms are found at bottom of the page they are nested under
each page will contain an annotated bibliography and the pdfs of the articles.

Outline of the paper

    active learning
    changes in Biology
    cognitive science- intro
    evidence based- LECTURE
    untrained faculty and professional identity

Evidence-based practices  (what we know)
    CREATE and primary literature
    High Structure- Freeman et al.
    Peer Instruction

Photo documents ( pictures of the white board)