Stress Management Through Meditation

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April, 23 2008


This practical session on meditation teaches the technique of awakening the subtle energy from the position of the nervous system and the energy centers using positive affirmations to attain self-realization.

•Understand the mechanism which causes stress in life and at work 
•To gain control and mastery over stress 
•To release the energy for living a creative and satisfying life. 
•To optimize one's potential and resources at work 
•To understand the changes that take place post meditation. 
•To empower others around us. 

Benefits of meditation: 
•Improves health, memory and concentration 
•Enhances communication and inter personal skills 
•Relationships become harmonious 
•Problem solving skills and creativity are enhanced 
•Peace of mind, contentment & joy are felt from within. 

This transformation takes place naturally and spontaneously through the awakening of the energy centers. She will conclude the session by going through research findings on meditation and stress management. 

No mats are required. This meditation is performed while sitting on a chair. 

Speaker: Dr Villy Doctor
Ms. Villy Doctor has a doctorate in "Psycho-Biological Changes that take place through Meditation." She ran a counselling and vocational guidance center where she helped people deal with problems like drug abuse, alcoholism and personal plus business stress. This is where she saw the difference meditation makes. She has spent several years studying diff. forms of meditation.
She runs regular meditation workshops in Mumbai, India. She has also held these workshops for UConn Health Center (Conneticut), Nokia (Dubai), Yoga Center (New York), Tata (India), Bhabha Atomic Center (India) and other companies in India. She has conducted seminars for children in several schools to help them improve their concentration and also to help them cope with different emotional problems.