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When I was growing up in the late 50's and early 60's, this kind of imagery was a lot more real than today, perhaps because it was closer to the time of the event than today. One thing that has not changed is how the threat of nuclear weapons has been used to create war of different kinds, e.g., cold wars, secret wars, police action wars, preemptive wars, and the wars against terror, and let us not forget "just wars." Of course, there was no greater terror than the threat of a worldwide nuclear holocaust. We saw movies like Dr. Strange Love and On the Beach. So the imagery of war can be used for either peace or more war in the name of peace. Wren people are afraid, they can be bullied into war. When they are not afraid they can be lulled into war. War is such an easy choice even though the aftermath of war is only waste and devastation. So it is not fear by itself that can prevent war, or even the imagery of war. Perhaps it is only a certain kind of reason that can prevent war, a compassionate reason, as the war mentality has its own logic as well. --  tom lacey