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    Buddhism in a Bottle

     From Talk by Owen Shieh

    "This is part 1 of 11 of my invited lecture titled "Buddhism in a Bottle," given at the 2009 Florida Buddhist Summer Camp in Orlando, Florida. This lecture discusses the fundamentals of Buddhism through a scientific perspective, using day-to-day analogies and examples. Topics covered include the Law of Causality, Emptiness, Non-Self, Impermanence, and Non-Duality. Also presented are ideas for how to apply this knowledge to our daily lives."

    PowerPoint presentation of this lecture is here:

     Part 1. Buddhism in a Bottle: Law of Causality
     Part 2. Applying Law of Causality
     Part 3. Causality Continued
     Part 4. Emptiness
     Part 5. Emptiness / NonSelf
     Part 6. Applying Emptiness 
     Part 7. Applying Emptiness Continued
    Part 8. Understanding Non-Duality
    Part 9. Non-Duality (Cont.)
    Part 10. Applying Non-Duality
    Part `11. Practicing Buddhism