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Articles on Chinese Pure Land and Ch’an Buddhism


Buddhist Life by Ji Ru      Right View Winter 07      Zen and Buddhism     Buddhism Q & A


BuddhaNet eBook Library: Mahayana Buddhism, Text and Teachings


Chinese Zen Masters       History of Buddhism in China      C’han Chih-kuan     Chan Magazine


Pure Land Buddhism: Dialogues with Ancient Masters      Biography of Sying An   


7 Mahayana Sutras        Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem      Buddhism in the Western World


Third Session of MWBA:  Dr. Shieh: Zen and Liberation of the Mind  


Fourth Session of MWBA: Discussion with Bhante Dhammawansha, May 19, 2007


Fifth Session of MWBA: Discussion with Bhante Dhammawansha, June 16, 2007

10th Session of MWBA


Venerable Chin Kung Translations      Essential Points of Buddhism


Basic Buddhist Teachings


Life of Siddhartha Gautama       Key Concepts of Buddhism    


The Buddha Replies to the Diva     Avoiding the Ten Evils     Ancient Texts by Paul Ca rus    


Sutra on the Buddha     The Amitaba Sutra      Four Seals of Dharma  


 Four Noble Truths     Buddha of Infinite Life  




Buddhism and Human Feelings     Faith in Your Mind      Sincere Talk on Ch’an  


Anger Transformed


Transforming Depression




Prostrations       For Those Close to Death       How to Keep Loving in Marriage   


Academic Buddhist Studies


Nagarjuna’s Concept of Time      Zen Teachings of Nagarjuna   Verses From Nagarjuna  


Women in Buddhism   Buddhism and Social Ethics   Buddhist Ethics in Western Context   


Early Buddhism   




 The Zen Site Essays       Buddhism Online Library      Buddhism in Malaysia


Other Buddhist Groups


Buddhist Peace Fellowship Tampa bay         Hung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale


Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society              Fa Yun Monastery    


Midwest Buddhist Association   Thich Nhat Hahn Deer Park Monastery: with Dhamma Talk