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Evangelizing the tools, best practices, and conversations of social media.


I am a passionate social media evangelist who thrives on teaching business professionals and organizations how to use the tools of the online social Web, including blogs, podcasts, RSS readers, wikis, presence applications, and social networks.

How do I do that?

I have been writing about about social media since April 2006. is a mix of practical advice for using social media, commentary on the goings-on in other PR and marketing blogs and podcasts, and reflections from in-person networking events/conferences that I attend and organize.

Community organizing:
A big part of the power of social media happens when online conversations turn into face-to-face meetings. To that end, I organize monthly Social Media Breakfasts for Boston's online PR, marketing, and entrepreneurial community. 

New Comm Road made its debut in May 2006 and has evolved into a highly-respected PR and social media podcast. The show's trademark segment is the "New Comm Road Map," where I provide listeners with step-by-step advice for using a new online tool or implementing a social media program. 

Click below to stream a recent episode about how to use Google Reader.

Focusing on the connected professional:
In my role as an interactive content producer for Monster, I regularly write about the ways that workers can use the tools of new media to
build their personal brand and raise their professional profile.


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