6th Grade English Language Arts and Humanities Summer Work

Hello Sixth Graders,

Welcome to Brooklyn Prospect!  We are very excited to teach you this coming year in ELA and Humanities, and we have designed some activities for you to do over the summer that will help you be successful and ready to learn when you arrive at school in September.

The instructions and all materials needed to complete your summer assignment can be found below.  Please complete all three (3) parts, and on the first day of school, bring with you:

1) the Mesopotamia Viewing Packet
2) the Gilgamesh Reading Packet
3) the Geography Skills Worksheet

Step 1: Download and print the worksheet below.

Mesopotamia Viewing Packet

Step 2: Watch the following video to begin learning about Mesopotamia and the origin of written language.

YouTube Video

If the video does not play, then go here.

Step 3: Play the video again.  As you are watching for a second time, record answers to the questions on the worksheet.  Feel free to pause the video to give yourself time to write your answers in complete sentences.

***** This concludes the viewing portion of your summer work.  The reading assignment is below.*****

Step 1: Download and print the following worksheet:

Gilgamesh Reading Packet

Step 2: Read the ancient story of Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk.

Every student must read all three parts of Version 1: Gilgamesh The King, The Revenge of Ishtar, and The Last Quest of Gilgamesh.

All students are encouraged to read Version 2: click here or here.

Version 3
is offered as a challenge to students who wish to read an ancient text in its scholarly form—we acknowledge that this version will not be right for everybody. To read Version 3: click here.

Step 3: After reading the story, complete the Gilgamesh Reading Packet.  Please answer all questions in complete sentences.

***** This concludes the reading portion of your summer work.  The geography assignment is below.*****

Step 1: Download and print the following worksheet.

Geography Skills Worksheet

Step 2: Go to the following site:

Complete the quiz, and record your score for your first and second attempt on the worksheet.  Then, take the quiz as many times as necessary until you can get a perfect score!

Step 3: Go to the following site: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/world_G1_drag_drop.html

Play until you can drag all the continents to the correct place on the map.  Then, complete the second page of the World Geography Worksheet by filling in the names of all the continents and  oceans of the world.