Training, Safety, Concealed Carry Courses
By Certified NRA Instructors

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Whether you're looking for instruction in any one of our six disciplines of shooting, we've got you covered with courses in the Tampa Bay Area.  

All courses are led by NRA Certified Instructors with years of firearms experience, with some having Military or Law Enforcement backgrounds as well.  

Starting at the very basics is how we begin, which can include valuable information on purchasing that first personal protection firearm.

Our course offerings include:

    • National Rifle Association
      • Pistol
      • Rifle
      • Shotgun
      • Muzzleloading
      • Marksmanship Programs
    • Concealed Carry Courses
      • Express CCW (Non-NRA)
      • Comprehensive NRA Courses
      • Ladies ONLY Courses
      • Nights / Weekend Courses
      • Private Instruction
      • Group Instruction