The Bozeman Rifle Club at the Greenway Range

 Please check the RANGE CALENDAR for the most up to date schedule

Open shooting on Saturdays is changing from 2-5 pm to 4-8 pm OR 6-8 pm, depending on the day.  Check the range calendar!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had our discussion with the commissioners.  A summation of that discussion and what we are doing going forward is posted at the range.  

Part of that sees and increase in fees.  
The membership cost has increased from 35 to 45 dollars a year.  
The cost for non-members to use the range per visit has increased from 10 to 12 dollars.
Additionally, the member year will now run Jan-Dec instead of the Oct-Sep like it did.  Memberships this year will run Oct 2017 through Dec 2018.

Yes, we will continue to operate the range for the foreseeable future. 

If you enjoy shooting and using the Greenway Range, it is important that the county commissioners know that you appreciate the opportunity to use the Greenway Range.

     Please check the RANGE CALENDAR for the most up to date schedule on when we are open.  Basically, Thursday evenings are pretty much all that is on through October/November.

The range is usable by shooters using firearms in PISTOL CALIBERS: such as 22, 32, 380, 9mm, 38 special, 40, 44 special and 45. 
Ammo Requirements:
Velocity not to exceed 1400 feet per second
Bullets:  Lead, copper clad/plated, or frangible (ALL .22 LR ammunition is acceptable.  17 rimfires are not, see below)


This means NO FMJ, Hollowpoints, Soft Points or Half-Jacketed bullets. 

Generally, commerical ammo you purchase at the local sporting goods stores is not usable in our range unless it says, on the box, PLATED or Full Lead.

If you reload, please use lead bullets or buy plated bullets from places like Berry's, Rainier Bullets or The Bullet Works.
Range officers may check your ammo before you shoot and not allow in jacketed ammo.  

We do have ammo for sale for use in the range. Ammo Prices

We do NOT have firearms available for rent.

Welcome to the Bozeman Rifle and Pistol Club
Annual membership fee:  $45

Memberships run January to December

Memberships are FAMILY memberships. 


Member Shooting:  $5/visit

Non-member Shooting:  $12/visit

Pistol Targets:  $1 for 7

Membership prices and the shooting costs see a slight increase this year, the first increase in over at least 15 years.