The Greenway Range

Hello all and welcome to the interwebs home of the Greenway Shooting Range.

Hours are limited during the summer and early fall.  As we transition into late fall and winter, the range will start to be open on more days.

Please click THE RANGE CALENDAR to get the most current schedule for the range.

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Summer 2016

Tuesday and Thursday          RANGE CALENDAR

Please check the RANGE CALENDAR for the most up to date schedule


Pistol Calibers:
such as 22, 32, 380, 9mm, 38 special, 40, 44 special and 45
Ammo Requirements:
Velocity not to exceed 1400 feet per second
Bullets:  Lead, copper clad/plated, or frangible

This means NO FMJ, Hollowpoints, Soft Points or Half-Jacketed bullets. 


Generally, commerical ammo you purchase at the local sporting goods stores is not usable in our range.
Understand that the range officers will check your ammo before you shoot and not allow in jacketed ammo.  We do have ammo for sale for use in the range. Ammo Prices

We do not have firearms available for rent at this time.

Welcome to the Bozeman Rifle and Pistol Club
Annual membership fee:  $35

Memberships run October to October

Memberships are FAMILY memberships. 


Member Shooting:  $5/visit

Non-member Shooting:  $10/visit

Pistol Targets:  $1 for 7