The Bozeman Rifle Club at the Greenway Range

Hello all and welcome to the interwebs home of the Greenway Shooting Range.

As we transition into summer, the most activities at the range are winding down or have ended for the winter.  Concealed Carry Classes will be held through the summer, last Weds evening of each month.  The range will be open for Open Shooting on Thursdays through the summer.  Always check the range calendar for any changes to the schedule.  

The range is volunteer run, and do have other lives.  If the range isn't open when you want to use it, it's because something has come up for the person that was going to open the range.

Please click THE RANGE CALENDAR to see the most current events at the range.

The Greenway Range is showing the Manhattan Wildlife Association Orientation video.  It's about a 10 minute video that you'll be able to view at the range and get your card punched.  
Times and dates are listed on the THE RANGE CALENDAR .  We are doing this to help people see the video.  The Greeway Range is completely separate from the MWA range.  

We thank all those people that came in over winter to shoot.  We hope to see you on a Thursday this summer or at another evening in the fall.

     Please check the RANGE CALENDAR for the most up to date schedule

The range is usable by shooters using firearms in PISTOL CALIBERS: such as 22, 32, 380, 9mm, 38 special, 40, 44 special and 45. 
Ammo Requirements:
Velocity not to exceed 1400 feet per second
Bullets:  Lead, copper clad/plated, or frangible (ALL .22 LR ammunition is acceptable.  17 rimfires are not, see below)


This means NO FMJ, Hollowpoints, Soft Points or Half-Jacketed bullets. 

Generally, commerical ammo you purchase at the local sporting goods stores is not usable in our range unless it says, on the box, PLATED or Full Lead.

If you reload, please use lead bullets or buy plated bullets from places like Berry's, Rainier Bullets or The Bullet Works.
Range officers may check your ammo before you shoot and not allow in jacketed ammo.  

We do have ammo for sale for use in the range. Ammo Prices

We do not have firearms available for rent at this time.  Sorry.

Welcome to the Bozeman Rifle and Pistol Club
Annual membership fee:  $35

Memberships run October to October

Memberships are FAMILY memberships. 


Member Shooting:  $5/visit

Non-member Shooting:  $10/visit

Pistol Targets:  $1 for 7

Membership prices and the shooting costs haven't gone up in over 12 years.