The Greenway Range @ the Gallatin County Fairgrounds

Is the range open for shooting?  It just might be!!  Just check the RANGE CALENDAR to the left.

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Day               Time    Event                            
Spring/Summer 2015

Monday             7-9 pm    Open Shooting              Over til December
Tuesday            7-9 pm    Smallbore Rifle             Over til December
Wednesday       6-8 pm    Pistol League                Over til November                      
Thursday      7-9 pm    Open Shooting       Ongoing year round

Sat                     2-5 pm    Open Shooting done for the summer.  Check back in Dec. 
Sun                    2-5 pm    Open Shooting has started on SUNDAYS

Pistol Calibers:
such as 22, 32, 380, 9mm, 38 special, 40, 44 special and 45
Ammo Requirements:
Velocity not to exceed 1400 feet per second
Bullets:  Lead, copper clad/plated, or frangible

This means NO FMJ, Hollowpoints or Half-Jacketed.  If you're in doubt, ask the range office when you come in.  
We DO have ammo for sale for use in the range.

We do not have firearms available for rent at this time.

Welcome to the Bozeman Rifle and Pistol Club

Annual membership fee:  $35
Memberships are FAMILY memberships. 


Member Shooting:  $5/visit

Non-member Shooting:  $10/visit

Pistol Targets:  $1 for 7