The Bozeman Cultural Council (BCC) is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to promoting and strengthening the cultural assets
of the Bozeman area for the benefit of residents and visitors.

"Culture plays a lead role in defining the face we present to the wider world. It expresses our diversity, while, at the same time, shaping us into one lively and interesting mosaic... Culture is fundamental to our quality life, our distinctive identity, and our confidence as a people. And fundamental to culture is creativity and the handling on of the many facets of our heritage."

"A strong cultural identity is the very foundation of a society's ability to prosper, grow and adapt to changing global circumstances. Our culture defines our identity, enriches our lives and provides econimic opportunities. It is a valuable asset, worthy of public support and investment."

Taken from Creative Newfoundland and Labrador:
The Blueprint for Development and Investment in Culture
, p,9