BwoF Backup Log

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As below.  Almost no new versions. 


The backup method described on 06-06-14 works very well, but I have to remember to find "view page listing" at the top of the "Revision History" page.  There were just 2 or 3 files that needed to be backed up.   


I seem to have found a better way of backing up.  Using "view page listing" under "Revision History" works very well.  I just scroll through the list and save those which have been revised since the last backup.   


Backing up via "view page listing" under "Revision History" went smoothly.  Only 4 files had been updated since the last backup, so I left them with Fatherless Boys - 09. 


BwoF backed up via "view page listing" under "Revision History".  I tried "Recent Site Activity" as before , but it was slower and required more memory on my part.  I also copied it to disk as "Fatherless Boys - 09".  I tried to save it via Norton, but that seems to be happening automatically.   

BwoF backed up via "Recent Site Activity" under "Revision History". 


Backed up via "Recent Site Activity" under "Revision History". 


BwoF backup OK.