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Southwest Bathroom Decor

southwest bathroom decor
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southwest bathroom decor - KOKOPELLI southwestern
KOKOPELLI southwestern prepasted WALL PAPER BORDER wallpaper
KOKOPELLI southwestern prepasted WALL PAPER BORDER wallpaper
This is the easiest way you will ever accent your room! This simple peel & stick border is safe for your walls and will leave no damage or residue on the surface. Much easier than traditional borders. No tools or pastes needed- just peel and stick. Best of all, it's completely washable AND strippable. This sale is per SINGLE pack of border. Each pack/roll measures 15' (fifteen feet) long and 6-7/8" wide. Great for apartments or rooms where traditional (more permanent) border is not an option, because this is as easy to remove as it is to install.

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Southwest Airlines ground crew at PHX in Phoenix prepare to load the bags
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Southwest Airlines
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southwest bathroom decor
southwest bathroom decor
Southwest Night Light - Kokopelli Tile
This is a very traditional Kokopelli image. This image is by talented artist Sara Mullern This night light is a perfect fit for any southwest room in your house. This light makes a very unique gift and perfect as a stocking stuffer, office gift, or grab bag gift. Photographic image is printed in the USA using high quality inks and is very colorful. **PLEASE NOTE** Unlike cheaper night lights, the light bulb on these decorative lights are fully enclosed! No more seeing an exposed bulb when looking at the night light from the side. You'll love the richness of the light as it provides you with both safety and improved visual attractiveness. This is an extremely well built and solid unit!