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Decorative Antique Keys

decorative antique keys
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  • A low-lying island or reef, esp. in the Caribbean
  • (key) metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated

A decorative ensemble of stained glass feather and an antique French skeleton key decorated with a white enamel rose. The glass is in a pale rosaline pink and a streaky clear / champagne glass. It id finished with an antiqued copper patina . The white enamel rose has a grey glass bead centre and the piece comes with a pretty 'old rose' ribbon for hanging. key measures 10 cm feather measures 7.5 cm
A blend of new charms and vintage findings make this the perfect necklace for any jetsetter... 24" vintage antique gold chain holds a circle carrying a small vintage key charm, a beautifully detailed decorative pearl locket, a fleur de lis connector holding a pearl and puffy heart, and a tiny ribbon with a pewter Eiffel Tower and a teensy brass heart that says 'Love'.

decorative antique keys