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Boys Sports Decor

boys sports decor
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boys sports decor - Judith Edwards
Judith Edwards Designs 3447 3 Sport Wall Hooks
Judith Edwards Designs 3447 3 Sport Wall Hooks
For over 20 years Judith Edwards Designs has been a manufacturer and importer of unique lighting and home decor products. We are continually researching current market trends to always offer exceptional and exciting designs at todays affordable prices. Our resources in markets throughout the world provide us with the opportunity to offer original designs in a wide variety of distinctive materials. So whether your style, is Coastal Contemporary Cottage or Cabin were sure to have something fashionable youre going to fall in love with. From Traditional to Juvenile we have products representing a wide variety of todays most popular styles. Hand painted kids wall hook. Materials: Poly Resin. Dimensions: 13 W x 8 H.

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AJS Shooting Bim Bombay Boys
AJS Shooting Bim Bombay Boys
photo courtesy google images.. There are big game hunters over the worlds that go to shoot wild animals in Africa; such is blood sport, an ultimate high. Now there is another variety of hunters, who also hunt, but not wild animals, they are the poet hunters , the racist Australian poet hunters there sport is shooting little Indian boys , the founder of this bloody sport fondly called Massah AJS , calls this sport unsportingly Bim Bombay Boy . So he charters a Quantas flight from Tweed head to Mumbai. The Mumbai variety has the right flavor, curried spicy lickaciously loquacious.. Now AJS gets of at Sahar Airport, takes a Cool Cab, telling the driver a handsome lad,earrings, turban on his head that nostalgically looks like a bleeding tampon, he tells him that he wants to shoot Bim Bmbay Boy. Now the driver is none but the elusive B Cube.short for Bim Bombay Boy He smiles unctuously and drops our poet hunter at the notorious red light area called Mumbai Cages-what happens there read on.. Massha AJS big time Bombay Bim Hunter Was dropped by the cunning driver at the Mumbai Cages At the door of Gangubai the Gonorrheal Whore Her large kohl eyes betel stained lips thick makeup Such was her show window decor She, her huge pendulous tits like a female Hulk Hogan Her whole weight on our hunter bore She pulled him out of his cargo trousers And soon began to explore She pulled his little weenie teeny member patting his Diseased testicles she began playing the score While our hunter kept shouting Bim Bombay Boy She thought he wanted more Like a trapped hyena this racist Australian poet Began to roar forgive me I won’t hunt Bim Bombay boys anymore Nothing doing said Gangubai the Gonorrheal whore All this while our Hero no1B Cube was watching the Tamasha from a side door shooting pictures sexually implicit and hardcore Now exhausted AJS Massah collapsed They carried him back in the cab And dumped him offshore In Mumbai as on Poem hunter This story has become a part of Poetic justice and Anti-Racist Folklore
Xavier's sports room
Xavier's sports room
This is the second iteration of Xavier's room. Sports theme: bedding with a jersey overlay, filmstrip 3-sport border, personalized clock, sports waste basket, jump shot hook, valance, and basketball curtain rod. We did no remodeling. JUST PAINT! White paint at that! (Semi-gloss for nasty, rowdy boys.) I want a neutral, heathered carpet for this room (and the spare bedroom)...something that looks whitish-beigeish-grayish...that is neutral and yet can go well with warm or cool colors or a masculine or feminine theme. After Xavier graduates from high school and goes awa(y to college, this will become the new baby's room.) I do not plan on replacing any carpet twice or merely for aesthetics' sake. {Christmas 2005}

boys sports decor