Tween room decor - Elegant living room decor - Decorating a toddlers room.

Tween Room Decor

tween room decor
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Pink Heart Pillow made with Recycled Fleece
Pink Heart Pillow made with Recycled Fleece
This pillow would look great in your bedroom, dorm room or a child's room. Give this as a gift to show someone how much you love them. This pillow is for all ages. Saved from the landfill this heart shaped pillow is made from strips of fleece that are normally thrown away. Each strip of fabric is a different width and creates a really unique look. After making a pillow the leftover pieces of fleece are then used to fill it. A great way to decorate your home and help the planet. The pillow is backed in light pink. The colors on the front range from light pink to red.
tween bathroom
tween bathroom
my daughter / main bathroom she has taken over owl candle & wall art from urban outfitters towels are actually switched (cleaning lady), typically the brown zebra print is hanging (love that pattern) also - the towels are hanging on a show rack from ikea mounted to the wall (all the shelves were too big for our tiny bathroom space)

tween room decor