Decorating Ideas For Easter Eggs

decorating ideas for easter eggs
    easter eggs
  • A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game.
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  • (easter egg) an egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter
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  • A hard-boiled egg that is dyed and often decorated as part of the Easter celebration
  • An artificial egg, typically chocolate, given at Easter, esp. to children
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Maasai Chief with Romanian Easter Eggs
Maasai Chief with Romanian Easter Eggs
The Maasai are well known for their colorful beaded jewelry. What not everyone knows, is that Romanians use the same beads for jewelry too, but also to make decorative Easter eggs. My son, Sergio had the idea to bring a few of these eggs to the Maasai people, as a cultural exchange. In this photo you can see the leader of a Maasai village holding the Romanian eggs in his hand. Many villagers gathered to take a closer look at them and they had some intense discussions. Unfortunately we did not understand what they were saying, but I wonder if in a few years they will decorate ostrich eggs with beads. I guess, in this case our exchange would have been successful.
Polish Easter basket
Polish Easter basket
This is a picture of the traditional Polish Easter basket, which we duly took to church today to be blessed. It basically contains a piece of food from all the Polish food groups (i.e. meat, salt, bread) (doughnuts don't fit), coloured hard-boiled eggs, the "lamb of God" (in our case a vintage one we used since I was little), and some green sprigs (not sure what they symbolise, but in they go every year). I also put in a couple of salt-dough painted shapes we made yesterday. The idea is that all of this represents your food supply for the rest of the year, and is thus blessed. It's about tradition rather than religion for me.

decorating ideas for easter eggs