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Chinese Garden Decor

chinese garden decor
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chinese garden decor - Double Sided
Double Sided Canvas Screen Room Divider - Chinese Garden
Double Sided Canvas Screen Room Divider - Chinese Garden
Printed with water and fade resistant, high saturation ink on both sides of durable, high quality canvas, stretched on spruce wood panel frames. This long lasting, stunning room divider is great for home decor accent - dividing a room space, redirecting foot traffic, hiding unsightly areas or simply use as a background.

Canvas covered top to bottom, front and back, and on the edges
Same picture on the back
Each Panel Approximately: H71" x W16"
4 Panels overall dimensions Approximately : H71" x W64"

84% (17)
Peacock and Dragon Wall Decor
Peacock and Dragon Wall Decor
And intricate peacock and an equally intricate dragon decorate the back wall of the Chinese Garden, where we ate dim sum on Sunday morning.
~*~ Chinese Garden ~*~
~*~ Chinese Garden ~*~
Part of the beautiful outdoor decor at the Chinese Garden in Chinatown. Vancouver, BC

chinese garden decor