News_ArchiveWelcome New Member - April 2010
 Please extend a warm welcome to our newest member of the Troop, Erik Krueger.  Erik is the brother of Life Scout Christopher.  Erik is 10 years old in the 5th grade at Matapeake Elementary School and just crossed over from Cub Scout Pack 496.  He was the only Webelo from that Pack to come to Troop 495.   Please let's all help him along the path to success.  He is into playing Playstation, Wii and Nintendo DS games.  He also loves to play football, build fires and camp.  So I think he will have fun in this troop.
Welcome New Members
 We are pleased to have a few new boys join our Troop earlier this year ... Erik Krueger, Chuck Besche, Jason Staley and Brandon Haney.    I will post a little bit about each of these scouts when I get some more info from them.
Our most recent Eagle Scout recipients are Loren Barrett, James Davies, and Christopher Krueger.  They have passed their Eagle Board of review with the Council on Sunday, October 3, 2010.  Let us all congratulate them in their hard earned endeavor of achieving this important rank of Eagle Scout. They will now join the ranks of many other famous and influential Americans as well as other recent Troop 495 Eagle Scouts John Bennett, Daniel Lime, Andy Koval, Dale Cayer and Aaron Barrettosts and repairing an exsting hitching post at the Equestrian trail on Rt 8 just south of Blue Heron Golf Course.
Christopher Krueger celebrated his Eagle Scout Rank with a ceremony at Kent Island United Methodist Church at the beginning of the summer break in June.
James Davies celebratrated his Eagle Scout Rank accomplishment this past month at the St. Christopher's Catholic Church.
Loren Barrett will have his ceremony this month. Details are posted below.  If anyone can help him and his family prepare for their special day, please let them know as soon as you can so they can finalize their plans.
Congratulations to all of you men on your wonderful achievement.  You are in a special, elite group of young men in this country and it help you go far and always looks good on a college application or a job resume.

Sign up for your Christmas Tree Shift here. We need to fill in all of the positions.  Remember if you are under 18 years old, an adult needs to accompany you. 
If you have any trouble, please feel free to give Marie Keller a call @  410-643-0011.
She will also continue to bring the hard copy of the sign up sheets to the Tuesday meetings.

 A message fom Luke Crowhurst
 Dear all, I'm attaching a flyer which is Phase 1 of my Eagle project, I am supporting an intiative for a    Peace Corps  volunteer in Morocco. Please see the flyer attached, all information is there.   
What I am hoping is that you could email/forward this or hand out the attachment to anyone who you think would support my effort.  Thank you so much.  Regards,  Luke Crowhurst

Sept 17 - 19 , trip to Corsica River Yacht Club; meet at church on Friday @ 5:00 pm - will return Sunday around noon.  Trip is $20, please turn in permission paper and money in ASAP.
April 16 - 18 / overnight camping at Camp Henson.  Mr Brad and Mr Mike led a group of about 8 boys this weekend.  Activities ranged from canoeing and kayaking to learning about the stars and planets.  Everyone had a good time and from what I've heard, the boys cooked up a couple of good meals too.
May 1 - Christopher Krueger has started work on his Eagle Project at St. Christopher's Church this past week.  If anyone is able to come and help you are encouraged to come.  Meet at about 1000 AM in the Church's parking lot.  We've already started by clearing the area of a lot of the debris and weeds, so bring gloves, rakes, shovels - anything of that kind for a little gardening work - the plan is to remove a couple of stubborn stumps - it won't be too bad. 


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