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MAPS Aviation Merit Badge Campout- September 16-18, 2016
MAPS Air Museum, Akron-Canton Airport, North Canton, OH

The troop went to the MAPS Air Museum for their September campout for the Aviation Merit Badge program. This was the first time the troop has to this campout and program.  The boys had a great time learning about aviation and the different aircraft that were at the museum.  The weather was a little rainy, especially on Saturday night.  This is definitely something we will attend again in the future. All in all it was another fun weekend of camping.

2016 MAPS Aviation Merit Badge Campout

Dead Horse Ridge Campout- May 20-22, 2016
Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH

The troop went to Camp Stigwandish in Madison, Ohio for their May campout.  The weather was beautiful (maybe a little cold at night) and the camp is a great place to hike around. We also went on a hike and  the boys fished in one of the lakes on the property. Six fish total were caught and released that weekend.  The campsite was nice and secluded and had a nice pavilion not to mention the awesome view of the night sky..  We had an awesome desert on Saturday night which consisted of apple caramel dump cake in the dutch oven.  All in all it was another fun weekend of camping. 

Deadhorse campout- May 2016

New Scout Campout - March 18-20, 2016
Camp Stanboff, Canfield, OH

The troop had their March campout at Camp Stanboff in Canfield, Ohio. We gained one new scout in the troop and this was his first camping trip with the troop. This was also our search and rescue Campout where Jaret and Liam hid in the woods and they left clues behind which we had to use to find them. It was great fun and we hope to return again.

Polar Bear Camp - February 20-21, 2016
Camp Butler, Peninsula, OH

The troop's annual Polar Bear Camp was held at Camp Butler again this year.  The boys and leaders built their own shelters to sleep in and cooked their meals over an open fire.  The weather was a lot warmer with highs in the low 60's.    The guys are all looking forward to getting their bear claws at the April Court of Honor.