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Cuyahoga Valley District Klondike Derby - January 11-13, 2013
Beaumont Scout Reservation, Rock Creek, OH

We attended the annual Cuyahoga Valley District Klondike Derby at Beaumont again this year. It was the warmest Klondike in a number of years. It was above 60 degrees for the day of Klondike and all the snow that we got over the holidays was gone and only mud was left behind.  This was also the last Klondike for the Cuyahoga Valley District, as the council's districts are being consolidated during this year.  The troop fielded three patrols including one from our Crew.  All the boys (and girls from the Crew) had a great time.   The rope bridge event was of course the centerpiece event as it is every year, but they also had numerous other events to challenge the scouts with their scout skills.  These events included a fire building event, a blindfolded maze, the log lift event, in which the scouts needed to tie lashings to lift a heavy log and of course the other standby, lunch!  The Crew Patrol finished 9th, while the Hawks finished 11th and the Badgers finished 20th.   But the important thing was that the scouts all worked together and didn't argue with each other as scouts sometimes do.  We learned areas that we need to improve on and practice throughout the year.

Mrs. Reinecker made an awesome dinner for Saturday night (beef stroganoff w/homemade spaetzel) and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  She also made cookies for the weekend.  The scouts definitely didn't go hungry.  We are all eagerly awaiting what happens with this event next year, so we can compete and have fun again.  Thanks to Mr. White for the pictures below.