First off I would like to thank you for taking a few moments of your time to come to my site and read my letter

My name is Jeff Trujillo and currently an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 51 in Berea, Kentucky and former Cub Master for Pack 516. I also work with a bunch of other Cub Scout packs and Leadership courses throughout our Bluegrass Council. I have been hammock camping for the past year and absolutely love it.  I have fully immersed myself with everything hammocks and have even modified my current setup along with my sons hammock to meet our needs. I have also made quite a few DIY projects to further my Hammock/Hiking "disease". I am also an active member of Hammock Forums (Camoxjeep).

At this moment in my scouting career I have found a need to educate as many people as I can about hammocks and everything to do with them. We have been very involved in teaching our youth along with our leaders in every Leadership Course about Leave No Trace Principles and hammock camping fits perfect with those ideals. Every time I go out on camping/hiking trips I always get the same questions, "Why camp in a hammock?" or "What's the difference between Tents and Hammocks?". I find myself explaining every piece of equipment I have and its uses all the time, and I really enjoy it. I have actually converted quite a few tent campers to hammocks since I've had mine and they love it as much as I do. My current setup is a Warbonnet Blackbird with their adjustable webbing suspension and dutch clips, Hammock Gear 20' bottom quilt.  My tarp is a chinook tarp that is highly modified with Jacks R Better self tensioning lines. My sons is a Hennessy Scout that I am personally doing the 2QZQ mod and a DIY poncho liner bottom quilt.

I am currently on staff for our Wood Badge course and have had a very high interest in our sport from the participants.  At this very moment I am in the process of forming a curriculum for Hammocking in our University of Scouting course which is a yearly set of classes Leaders/Youth can take. I am also constructing an "Introduction to Hammocking" course within our Boy Scout Council which encompasses 5 Districts with numerous  Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops and Venturing Crews. It would consist of an hour - two hour long course going over different types of hammocks, different suspension systems, UQ/TQ/pad use, tarp considerations and the many accessories available.

And this is the reason for this website. I am asking those within the hammock community if they would be willing to donate items that would help promote our sport, which in turn helps promote your product or in case of an individual you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to convert ground dwellers. These items whatever they may be, will be used exclusively for these courses. I would be willing to set up a display or give handouts by your company about your products. During our University of Scouting event we would also be willing to let you come and set up a table for the participants. These events are usually held the first Saturday of November at Georgetown College in Kentucky.

If you are interested in helping/donating for our sport please contact me for further information. I am looking for different types of the items I mentioned earlier (Hammocks, Tarps, Suspension Systems and Hammock Accessories  

Again, I want to thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours in Hammocking,

Jeff Trujillo 

In case you don't know what University to Scouting is: http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Scouting_University

This is the Hammock that got me started. The tent we normally used is there also. 

Troop 51 Berea, Ky getting ready for the Cave Camporee 2012. That's 
me on the far left. 
There we are after the 3 miles of caves, 5 hours under the dirt in the mud and water.
There we are after 3 miles in Goochland Cave system.