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(05)  The Ryte – Me Calendar: 1917.  (6 cards - 2 printings)

There were at least two calendars, one for 1918 and the other for 1919.
The 1918 calendar consists of six pages, each covering a two month period.  The pages were tied together at the top with a leather bow.

At the bottom of each page is a post card perforated along the top. The 3in by 5in cards are conspicuously smaller than standard postcard size.  Each card includes a 1917 copyright notice by Barse & Hopkins [28 W. 23rd St., N.Y.] and the Jan. 16, 1916 patent date by H.M.Stewart.  Instructions provided by the publisher suggested that if the purchaser sent the calendar to a Boy Scout as a (1917) Christmas gift, throughout the year (1918) they would hear from the recipient at regular intervals. Thus the name "Boy Scout Ryte-Me" which appears at the upper left of the address side of each postcard.  The fact that they were designed to be torn apart contributes to the rarity of entire pages and calendars.

The first Calendar page contains the "Scout Oath" and a secret message written in semaphore.

The first postcard contains the first two points of the Boy Scout Law.  Subsequent cards portray the even numbered points, the odd numbers being shown on the calendar tops.

There were two printings, with and without a special offer from Boy's Life on the first page.  Since the two printings of the remaining cards are indistinguishable,  there were two calendars but only seven different postcards in total.

It is believed that the 1919 postcards are indistinguishable from those of 1918.  The only way to tell them from the 1918 cards would be to find them on complete calendar pages. -- Note: only the first calendar page shows the year.

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