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White Roses Wedding Bouquet

white roses wedding bouquet
    white roses
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white roses wedding bouquet - White Silk
White Silk Rose Toss Bouquet - Wedding Bouquet
White Silk Rose Toss Bouquet - Wedding Bouquet
Gorgeous white silk roses are brought together to make this exquisite toss bouquet. Since you're going to give away a bouquet to one lucky bachelorette, you'll want to make it as stunning as possible which is why we offer the toss bouquet in beautiful snow white. Also a wonderful idea for junior bridesmaids. If you like this photo, you will love this bouquet. The bouquet is completed in the with a white sheer ribbon and contains 12 roses. It is a perfect match to the rest of the White Silk Rose Collection exclusive to The Brides Bouquet.com

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Silk Rose Wedding Bouquet
Silk Rose Wedding Bouquet
This bouquet is made with white silk roses, rhinestone picks and blue satin and chiffon ribbon. It is accented with a large rhinestone brooch.
Wedding bouquet of white spray rose buds and blooms bound in off-white satin.

white roses wedding bouquet
white roses wedding bouquet
Light Blue and White Silk Rose Toss Bouquet - Wedding Bouquet
Elegant and petite bouquet of roses in the colors of Light Blue and Snow White. Beautiful pastel blue roses that are only available from The Brides Bouquet, along with crisp snow white roses create this elegant bouquet. You will receive this stunning bouquet of roses exactly as pictured, with white sheer ribbon for the bow and 4 ribbon streamers. The handle is wrapped in green florist tape. This bouquet is our smallest sized bouquet and is a great option for bridesmaids, as a toss bouquet, or even pop it into a vase for a centerpiece.